Shrek the Musical

December 19 - January 3
Buskirk-Chumley Theater

H-T & WFIU Reviews

H-T Review

Cardinal Stage’s production makes reviewer believed

By Joel Pierson, H-T Reviewer
“The stage is lush with the decor of a fairytale forest... there’s an air of excitement and anticipation…
From the show’s first notes, the cast and crew have the audience in the palms of their hands.
The cast had tremendous energy throughout… displaying that rare and all-important ability to both sing and act. And it wasn’t just the leads who stood out. The ensemble actors worked beautifully together, putting forth some impressive harmonies in the splashy group numbers.
Diane Buzzell’s choreography was just right as well….
John Gurdian’s Shrek embraced the fun of the role, offering his own unique interpretation of a performance… As Fiona, Emily Schultheis sang like an angel, nailed the comic timing, and stood strong against the primarily male lead actors…
The evening’s show-stealer would have to be Jason Bowen as Lord Farquaad. Bowen had the unenviable task of performing the whole show on his knees, and most of the time, he had the audience on theirs, camping it up as the absurdly over-the-top villain. I laughed out loud in Act 2, when Farquaad booed Shrek’s heartfelt speech, and a girl of about 4 behind me shouted out “Boo to you!” If that’s not what live theater is about, then I don’t know what is.Aja Bell’s costumes are nothing short of amazing, contributing to that magical transformation that the play embodies….
I never felt like I was watching a film; this was a living thing, overflowing with energy, and like every other person in the house, I was on my feet for the show’s encore number, “I’m a Believer.”
Thanks to Cardinal Stage, I really am.”



WFIU Review

Shrek Sings

By George Walker

“The Cardinal Stage Company’s midwinter gift to the area is Shrek the Musical

John Gurdian was delightful as the gruff, but sensitive ogre Shrek…about as charming a green monster as you could want. Emily Shultheis was delightful as the fiery haired, Princess Fiona. Their courtship in “I Think I Got You Beat,” a memorable bonding through a contest of percussive gaseous bodily effluences, was great fun.

Nathan Robbins was Shrek’s smart-alecky donkey sidekick. Jason Bowen made a very funny villain as the knee walking Lord Farquaad. Singer Jenn Cristy was the warmly dramatic voice of the fire breathing dragon….

Although Shrek … does have a positive message about not trusting stereotypes and there is a basic monster meets girl, loses girl, finds monster plot…much of the fun of the show is simply sorting out all of the nicely costumed and dramatized figures from the fairy tales. There are dozens of them and each member of the talented cast gets a brief showcase.”