Peter Stone & Sherman Edwards


September 4 - 13
Buskirk-Chumley Theater


1776 Patrons Speak

“Stunning! Stirring! Searing! Delightful! Only one problem, the usual one with Cardinal: the distraction of wondering, throughout the evening, how fast I can get back for another performance of the same show…” – Margaret G.
Congratulations on another excellent performance. So many wonderful individual parts and performers!! – Donna B.K.
INCREDIBLE, reminds us all how messy compromise and dialogue can be, and that the birth of our country was anything but obvious. LOVED IT, go see it and be reminded!! – Pamela D.
1776 was amazing!! Brilliant cast, such a pleasure seeing them perform! – Alexis W.


In sweltering Philadelphia, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams pull out all the stops to convince their fellow Colonists to hang together, or hang separately!
This beloved musical lays bare the passionate struggle behind American independence. With a wonderfully hummable score, a renowned book (both funny and gripping), and a dream cast, Cardinal’s production of 1776 promises to inspire, enlighten, and delight in equal measure!

Age recommendation: 7+
Run time: 2hrs, 35 mins
Show Location: Buskirk-Chumley Theater \





  • populates colonial Philadelphia with characters who are quarrelsome, bawdy and fun loving—quite unlike the stately Founding Fathers from the history books!

  • Stars three of the most acclaimed actors in our area. Our own Mike Price leads the way as the determined (if a mite pushy) John Adams. He is joined by Rob Johansen as Adams’ principled foe John Dickinson and Indianapolis’ Mark Goetzinger as the waggish Ben Franklin
  • Introduces two gifted actresses to Cardinal – IU bfa Junior Kaitllyn Mayse as Martha Jefferson (He Plays the Violin) and BHSN choral director Sarah Miller as the eminently sensible Abigail Adams (‘Til Then)
  • Features dozens of multitalented Regional actors, including Tyler Henderson as the determined Edward Rutledge (Molasses to Run) and Scott Hogsed – Javert in Cardinal’s Les Miserables – as the vainglorious Richard Henry Lee (The Lees of Old Virginia).  The cast also includes Cardinal regulars like Gerry Pauwels, Jack O’Hara, Ed Mobley, Mike McGregor, Phil Christiansen, Brandon Wentz, and Adam Crowe
  • Was the winner of five 1969 Tony Awards, including best book and best musical
  • Untitled 11Features a terrific set design by Bloomington’s David Wade, who has designed for theaters all over South-Central Indiana. David has painted many Cardinal sets and last season designed the wonderful Pippi Longstocking set
  • Was one of the first shows Cardinal artistic director Randy White directed when he moved to America some 15 years ago. Randy has just received his American citizenship this spring and is closing the loop by returning to a show that introduced him to theatre in this country!