Few know that a ticket purchases cover just half of what it costs to produce all that you see onstage. When you give to Cardinal Stage, you can be assured that your generosity is supporting:

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Quality & Professionalism: High quality live theatre featuring professional paid actors, designers, technicians, and more!


CSC Quality-42Value: Cardinal offers a variety of ticket options to meet the needs of our patrons. Whether you would  like a season subscription package, a group rate for your special event, or to take advantage of special offers Cardinal offers affordable options for every budget.

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Inclusion: Whether you require wheelchair accessibility, audio enhancement, or productions hosted in American Sign Language we will work with you to meet your needs. We even distribute thousands of free and reduced price tickets to students and families who need them most.

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IUCU Educational Initiative: Education and outreach efforts that support thousands of students participating in over 52 educational programs each year. Learn more about the IUCU Education Initiative here.

CSC Quality-25Community Impact: Cardinal prides itself on being a positive community partner and neighbor. We partner with dozens of local businesses each year, employ nearly 400 individuals throughout our season, and bring 25,000+ patrons into downtown Bloomington annually to shop, dine, and support local businesses.

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Unforgettable Experiences: The best possible patron experience from the time you purchase your ticket, until you leave the performance space and every step in between.

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